ACA News Volume 1, #12

Editor: Alan R.De Angelo
Greetings and Salutations!

Since this is the Christmas Issue of the ACA NEWS I thought that the inclusion of a Christmas Fulu in the masthead would be quite appropriate. The image of Xystochromis phytophagus was kindly supplied by Greg Steeves. The changes to the image were not in the original photo so don’t expect WC fish to look like that. HO HO HO!


The ACA Convention has a new date and location!!

The accommodations that we originally had planned for changed ownership and problems occurred, so a new site was found. Covington, KY is right across the river from Cincinnati, OH so the same airport is used for travel. There is only a need to change travel dates for airlines. The Marriot is always a great place to stay so we will be having first-rate lodging. See you there!


Membership Chair

I’d like to welcome Peter George as our new Membership Chair. He was elected in the following BOT Prop.

Prop. 15-28 Passed

ACA News


Club Events

If your club is having an event that you would like listed in the ACA NEWS please use this form to send me a notice.

Aquatic Experience

So, what’s all the fuss about the Aquatic Experience? One member asked why we are putting so much emphasis on it.

Aquatic Experience is a trade show that this year had an attendance of over 6000 people. These folks now had the opportunity to visit our ACA booth and get to meet some of our members. Our booth also let us hear feedback from average aquarists and their perceptions. Many, a majority, in fact, felt that cichlids are big, mean fish to stay away from. This preconceived notion coming to light is important to the ACA.

We now know that we need to focus on getting the truth about cichlids out there. Yes, there are big nasties, rough and tumble mbuna, etc. But ultimately, there are a wide range of behaviors, sizes and temperaments to choose from in the cichlid world. The ACA needs to educate the public and the AE is a great place to do it.

Next year, the ACA will be involved in a 200+ tank cichlid show that will highlight the subject of our desires. And, while they will undoubtedly be represented by big old Central Americans, there should also be a fair number of angels, discus, rams, apistos, shellies, cyprochromis, etc, that display the other side of the coin. It should be interesting.

We hope to have the ACA booth in close proximity to the show as well, to answer any questions about the fish. I find that rubbing elbows with the “industry” is an incredible boon to the ACA, too. Having the manufacturers know who we are and allowing them to interact with us can only help the club. So, as long as the ACA is involved with the AE, I will report on it in the ACA NEWS.


Update Your Membership Details:

You can now check/edit your Contact Details on CRC yourself when you move or change your e-mail address. And it is simple … give it a try now

  • Log-in to the Cichlid Room Companion
  • Click you name in the Welcome Panel
  • Select the Edit Tab and make changes
  • Click Save


BB’s Back!



Having previously been Editor of the ApistoGram (Apistogramma Study Group) for five years duration, I know the importance of fresh material. Please write for BB. Send contributions to Daryl Hutchins.

You can support the ACA by shopping at AmazonSmile

Simply go to Choose the American Cichlid Association as your charity and they will donate 0.5% of each purchase to the ACA! It’s easy and basically free money to the ACA. Please help spread the word.

ACA News

All I want for Christmas is …

Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards men and maybe a stocking full of fish foods.

Or maybe you can hang a pair of pantyhose up and hope for a new LED fixture or new fluorescent tubes. Whatever it is, there are numerous fishy gifts that we can give and receive. My one hope is that every aquarist interested in mbuna will get a copy of Ad Konings’ Malawi Cichlids in their natural habitat. Then, I will no longer have to see so many neophyte aquarists claim that everything is a hybrid on the internet. Sheesh! They truly don’t know what they are missing by relying on the net and so called “experts” on FB.

If you know a new cichlid keeper, give them a membership to the ACA. With the CRC as a perk of membership, they can look up so many things to educate themselves. Also, the ACA has numerous gift items for sale. The Socolof Book, Confessions of a Tropical Fish Addict, or the Special Edition BB 1-20 book that highlights the early years of the ACA, would be great gifts.

Or, stuff a stocking with the latest printed BB #283.

With that being said, I want to close by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!