ACA News, Volume 9, #4-5

ACA News

ACA News

Volume 9, #4-5, April-May 2023

Editor: Alan De Angelo

Contact: [email protected]


Greetings and salutations from the finally warming Mid-West. We’ve been snowed upon and rained upon more than usual here and the temperatures have been rather cool. It reminds me of the Springs we had when I was a kid. We always wore jackets and sweatshirts until late May or even June. The weather seems to be cycling back to what was an earlier norm. All of these fronts moving through should have your fish breeding like crazy. I hope that you are having great success.

White Listers
They are at it again, this time in Florida. Proponents of a “White List” have drafted legislation that would decimate the aquatics industry. Once again, Sandy Moore of Segrest Farms is leading the charge against this terrible idea. Experience has shown that White Lists are draconian, making sweeping generalizations about fishes and banning many non-harmful fishes. On the other hand, Black Lists, precise lists of fishes that would be harmful to the local environment, are favored because they are selective and actually work. Learn more at the Segrest Farms FB site and leave a comment at:
HTTPS:// to support our hobby.


Greetings from the Babes In The Cichlid Hobby!

We are seeking donations for the famous Babes In The Cichlid Hobby Silent Auction. It will be held this year at the American Cichlid Association Annual Convention in Madison, Wisconsin; July 13 – July 16, 2023.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for your loyal support over years! We know that you are passionate about Cichlid Research and Cichlid Conservation, so let’s make this our best year ever!

If you are an artist, draw us a picture!! If you are a photographer, donate some pictures. If you are a collector of aquarium artifacts, please donate a collectible that will help raise some money!! If you have been published, bring an extra copy and sign it for our auction. Tired of that fish jewelry, donate it!! Maybe you have old publications or books of aquarium literature that you could donate?

It is all for a worthy cause! All of the money (100%) will to the Guy D. Jordan Endowment Fund, Paul V. Loiselle Conservation Fund and Stuart M. Grant Conservation Fund; you pick where you want your donation to go. We can’t do it alone we will need your help!

Please bring your donations to the convention. If you can’t make it, and you are willing to donate, please send your donations to us at the hotel. Cut and paste the address below. And remember if you don’t have anything to donate, you can always bid high on something that catches your eye or make a cash/check contribution. All donations are tax deductible.

Pam Marsh
Guest Arriving (7-12-22)
Madison Marriott West
1313 John Q Hammons Dr.
Middleton, WI. 53562

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Cichlid Power! Pam Chin

About the Babes In The Cichlid Hobby: We are women cichlid keepers who want to make a difference in the hobby. Cichlid habitats are plagued by pollution, overfishing, deforestation, hydro-electrical power projects, mineral exploitation, global warming, floods, and troubled governments. With 29 years fund raising we have provided financial aid for cichlid research and cichlid conservation all over the world. We strive to widen awareness and encourage responsible cichlid keeping.

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome Howard Schmidt to the cadre of the ACA. Howard will be taking over the role of Archives Grand Poobah. As a friend for many years, I can state, without a doubt, that Howard will do a great job of keeping the ACA’s family jewels safe.

From the ACA Youth Board:
The ACA’s newly created Youth Board has many projects in the works that we are proud to reveal in the coming months. This month, we are excited to announce that we are currently looking for junior fish enthusiasts looking to better the hobby to join the ACA’s Youth Board. We are searching for individuals who will be active, willing to be invested in this position, and that will help make the club welcoming to younger people. Joining the board would require you to be able to work on your own and keep in contact with all other members between meetings (i.e. writing and responding to emails). If your child or another child you know who would be interested in a position on the ACA’s Youth Board, please have them send an email to [email protected] telling us a little bit about themselves.


Don’t forget to make your hotel accommodations and register for the convention in Madison, WI this July 13-16. will have all the information that you’ll need. Catfish and cichlids are a great combo. I’ll see you there.

Once again, in the immortal words of Bill and Ted, be excellent to each other.



MOAPH The Museum of Aquarium and Pet History. It’s pretty cool …


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