ACA News, Volume 2, #5

Editor: Alan R.De Angelo
Greetings and Salutations!

Spring has finally come to the Midwest! Now, I know that some of you are complaining that it is so cold out for the middle of May but, we older folks know the folly of such statements. As a kid, Spring was always a time for light jackets and sweatshirts, not T’s and tank tops. Here in the Midwest, there is a saying that has been passed down from generations. Never plant your annual flowers before Memorial Day because they are at risk of dying from a nighttime frost.

So, to all of you climate changers out there, the answer is a resounding “YES”. Climate changes. Every year. The problem is that people look at things in relation to the short span of their lives and not in terms of centuries or longer. Man, in his arrogance, puts things in the context of his meager existence instead of the big picture. I’m sure that some politician, with his agenda driven opinion, will be warning of the next Ice Age soon. The sky is falling, too!


The Cichlid Room Companion turns 20 this month. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas had an idea to create the greatest database of cichlid information on the web those many years ago and he did so with flying colors.

And, let’s not forget that it is a part of your membership in the ACA. If you are not utilizing this great resource, I suggest that you do. Of course, you should wait until you finish reading this issue of the ACA NEWS.


Winners can be viewed via the ACA Facebook page. Thanks to all entrants.

The contest is in full swing and growing day by day. Remember, even non-ACA members can contribute so tell your photography minded buddies about the contest.


The ACA Convention in Cincinnati is fast approaching. If you have not made your reservations at the hotel yet, I suggest that you do, as it is filling up. (With the announcement of the McCartney concert, just across the river, on Sunday, accommodations will be filling fast.) Also, be sure to register.


BOT elections are coming up soon. If you would like to join the leadership of this wonderful organization, please send a short bio to me c/o [email protected]. You will enjoy the ACA more by getting involved.


Please send us your cichlid-related news and events and we will be happy to spread the word for you. Allow six weeks lead time. Thank you. [email protected].

Membership Details

You can now check/edit your Contact Details on CRC yourself when you move or change your e-mail address. And it is simple … give it a try now

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click username in Welcome Panel
  3. Select the Edit Tab and make changes
  4. Click Save


Your beloved BB editor is always on the lookout for fresh talent in this arena. If you are new to writing, don’t be afraid as Daryl and/or I will be happy to help you punch up your article if you would so desire. Prior authors are more than welcome to contribute as well.

Please send your articles to Daryl at [email protected].

I hope that the spring weather and the ups and downs in the barometric pressure have brought you many spawns and great cichlid behaviors to observe. Oh, yeh, and write about it! Keep up with those water changes now that the warm weather is upon us.


Go to the convention website at for more information, to register, book your hotel room, etc.

2016 Convention

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