ACA News, Volume 2, #6

Editor: Alan R.De Angelo
Greetings and Salutations!

June, the month of the year that really cool people are born in! That is definitely a biased statement as my own birthday is the 7th of June but, hey, I’m the editor and I can write stuff like this! June 7th is also the birthday of Dean Martin, Tom Jones, Prince, (we are a musical bunch) two of my good friends and … wait for it … Herbert R. Axelrod.

Now, I am not going to sing HRA’s praises, nor mention his faults, but I recently came upon a “What the hell ….?” moment. My wife and I were sorting out old photo’s that my mom, who passed away last year, had in boxes and I found the following photo.

Dad, unknown GI and HRA?

My Father, who is on the far left, looks to be very young. He was a foreman in a metal stampings firm and was more valuable to the war effort in the ‘40s and ‘50s, WWII and Korea, making parts for weapons and munitions than being in uniform. He told us that he had about 120 women working under him at one time. Rosie the Riveters at their best!

The guy in the middle is an unknown GI but the guy on the right? Is that HRA? And, if it is, what in the heck is he doing with my Dad? Mom and Dad are gone, now. So, I will never know that answer.

I have also included a for sure photo of HRA for comparison. It sure looks like him in the early photo or a doppelganger exists. The things you find in old boxes.

Since we have just celebrated Memorial Day, I will say that, according to the article “The Strange Fish and Stranger Times of Dr Herbert R. Axelrod” –, HRA enlisted in the Army at age 17 and was held back from combat in WWII due to his age and was placed in the Engineering Corps. It kind of makes sense that maybe he was involved in weapon parts procurement and met my Dad. But, who knows!

Anyway, I thought that this was interesting and maybe you would like to hear the story. If anyone has any info about this, please contact me. Thanks.



Ad Konings’ latest edition of his book Lake Malawi Cichlids in their natural habitat is now available. I know that they are available from Cichlid Press direct or you can purchase the book at the convention from Mike Schadle.

I already have my copy and have been browsing through it. Oh, by the way, it’s GLOSSY! I prefer the glossy finish to the matte finish for photos but to each his own.



Cichlids of Africa-Volume II Haplochromines by Steeves, Lamboj and van Huesden is available now and may be available at the convention as well. Keep an eye out for it.



Prop 16-3:

To renew membership arrangements with Juan Miguel Artigas Azas.



MasterCard and the ACA

I may be showing my age here but why is the ACA like MasterCard?

Remember the old jingle “MasterCard International, so worldly, so welcome.” The ACA has recently begun to get international members. Let’s keep the momentum rolling. And a hearty “Welcome” to those new members, whether local or abroad.


When I had the idea of having a photo contest to help us get more photos for BB, the biggest question was who was going to take charge of it. I am a self-admitted technological Neanderthal when it comes to stuff like that. Well, Scott McLaughlin stepped up and is doing a fabulous job with it. Thanks, Scott!

Winners can be viewed via the ACA Facebook page. Thanks to all entrants.


The hotel is filling up fast. I believe that all of the reserved ACA rooms are taken for Friday and Saturday, as Daryl’s emails have told us, but there are still non-discounted rooms available.


If you wish to run for the 2017 BOT, please send a short bio to me at [email protected].



Please send us your cichlid-related news and events and we will be happy to spread the word for you. Allow six weeks lead time. Thank you. [email protected].



You can now check/edit your Contact Details on CRC yourself when you move or change your e-mail address. And it is simple … give it a try now

  1. Log-in to
  2. Click username in Welcome Panel
  3. Select the Edit Tab and make changes
  4. Click Save



The ACA cannot bring you top-quality issues of BB without your support. Please be kind to your dear Editor, Daryl Hutchins, and send him an article soon. It is you that makes the ACA the finest cichlid group around.

Please send your articles to Daryl at [email protected].


Remember to register for the Convention and to make those reservations at the hotel.

Until next time,



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