ACA News, Volume 2, #10

Editor: Alan R.De Angelo
Greetings and Salutations!

After a few dips into the mid-40s, Autumn has fallen upon us in full swing. I never realized how much I enjoy the cool mornings and the thick cover of morning dew on the lawn. The hummingbirds no longer come to the feeders and what is especially satisfying is watching the Cedar Wax-wings making their annual stop to pick my massive junipers clean of berries. The nights are cool and the days are brisk. I love it.

Volume 2, #10, October 2016 

Editor: Alan R. De Angelo

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Speaking of loving it …


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the AE is coming soon, November 4-6. I have attended the event since its inception and have always had a great time. The event is held not too far from O’Hare Airport if you are considering flying to the event. The area also has numerous eating and drinking establishments, fabulous shopping and a short ride away is downtown Chicago and everything that it has to offer.

The ACA will once again have a booth at the AE manned by many of the BOT and cadre members. Be sure to stop by and say “Hello!” It is always great to meet our fellow cichlidophiles.

Note: Registration for the ACA-sponsored Cichlid Show has been extended to October 27. Please consult the website for further information. Remember that cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each Class and for Best of Show and Reserve Best of Show.

Special thanks must be given to the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association for their help with the show set-up, etc.


Sorry, no October surprise from me! Just a reminder that you can still vote for the BOT until Nov. 15th of this year. Please take the time to find the ballot email and send in your vote.

Unlike our soon-to-come national elections, only ACA members can vote, no dead people will be allowed to vote and you can only vote once (well, it will only be counted once).


It’s never too early to start making plans for next year’s convention. Michigan has been a hotbed of active cichlid keepers for as long as I can remember. (If you are following my Adventures in Cichlidom series, you know that’s a long time.) So grab your bags and pack your rags, it’s off to a cichlid convention you go. I know that I will be there, you should be, too.


Having been the Editor of the Apistogramma Study Group’s ApistoGram, I know what it is like to have a bulletin to produce without an abundance of articles. Please send our BB Editor Daryl, the guy who claims to age like fine whiskey, your manuscripts.

Hmmm, fine whiskey, at the ACA Convention this year I did meet a guy who reminded me of “Wild Turkey”! Seriously though, please send Daryl an article for inclusion in BB.

Photos are always welcome, too. Speaking of photos, you can always look through the wonderful photos in the ACA Photo Contest and write about a fish you see there. Not writing an article but have photographs to share? Enter the ACA PHOTO CONTEST. Visit the website for more information.


Your friendly neighborhood BOT has recently voted to make the entire collection of BBs available to you, the member, online, in their original glory (ie, as they really appear, not just OCR text). This is an enormous task that Daryl Hutchins has foolishly … oops, I mean, er, uh … kindly taken on. A huge Thank You is in order for him. Thanks, Daryl.


Oh, don’t be silly, I am not expressing my personal political views in the AN. I do want to say that while I was at the ACA Convention, I was speaking with Ad Konings, Laif DeMason and another guy. While talking about fishy things and travel etc, the unnamed person began blurting out his political views with a large amount of vitriol. We three all became rather uncomfortable and a very nice conversation ended. My point is, keep fish events, fish events. There is no need to bring up controversial topics other than Flowerhorns and the like. Definitely keep your national political views under control, especially in these hotly contested times.


Trading Post is back! Log-on to the ACA website,, go to “Community” and click on the “Trade your cichlids” tab, you are at the new Trading Post area filled with cichlids listed to buy.

You can also list your wants if you can’t find a fish in your area. So, take advantage of the new Trading Post, it is there to help you buy and sell the world’s most interesting family of fishes.


ACA Breeder of the Year 2016 results

48 entries: Mario Toromanovic, GCCA.

40 entries: Matthew Skwarcezk Jr, GCCA.

22 entries: Scott Mackanzie, MCA.

21 entries: Mike Helford, GCCA; Eric Niffenegger, MAS.

18 entries: Josh Cunningham, OCA.

15 entries: Jason Libasci, GCCA; Andrew Schock, OCA. 14 entries: Shawn Kopinski, GCCA. 13 entries: David Hearn, OCA.

11 entries: Mark Kazanoff, OCA; Charles Nowakoswki, OCA; Mike Post, MCA. 10 entries: Bryan Davis, OCA.

9 entries: Reed Gilbert, CCA; Hilary Lacerda, OCA; Dave Shrewsberry, GCCA.

8 entries: Lew Carbone, OCA; John Griffith, OCA; Karen Hass, CCY; Jerry Kowal, GCCA; Dwayne Walker, CCY; Don Weger, GCCA.

7 entries: George Anagnostopoulos, OCA; Rick Borstein, GCCA; Tom & Carolyn Evers, OCA; Jeff Kleba, MAS; Jay Stephan, CCY; Jonathan Strazinsky, OCA; Justin Way, OCA.

6 entries: Jon Clark, CCA; Kevin & Denise Erickson, GCCA; Tom Sands, DAAS; Jim Suterko, GCCA.

5 entries: Andy Hudson, MAS; Lana Krolikowski, MCA; Dennis Kuehn, OCA; Jon Keeler, MCA; Steve Lewandowski, GCCA; Steve Woita, GCCA.

4 entries: Bill Cole, DAAS; Rob Downing, MCA; Dave Isanga, MCA; Patrick Lauer, GCCA; Jim Peck, CCA; Greg Senn, OCA; Eric & Rhonda Sorensen, OCA; Blake Stevens, CCY.

3 entries: Jonathan Dietrich, OCA; Ken & Sue Galaska, OCA; Ken Grimmett, OCA; Steve Olander, OCA; Gilbert Roman, GCCA; Dennis Rozmus, OCA; Pablo & Naomi Salinas, GCCA; Anthony Scarton, OCA; Bill Schwartz, OCA; Duane Stuermer, MAS; Terry Tankersley, MAS; Mike Zebrowski, MCA.

2 entries: Bob Blazek, OCA; Kerry Dilks, CCY; Ken Lewis, MCA; Julie Lovell, CCY; Barry Lynch, DAAS; Jason Mlynar, OCA; Charles Palisin, OCA; Tyler Toncler, OCA; Jason Webb, OCA.

1 entry: Dolores Bacisin, OCA; Dennis Bednarek, MAS; Paul Bricknell, CCY; Kristina Marie Bryson, CCY; Easton Byrne, GCCA; Mark Chaloupka, OCA; Don & Marilyn Danko, OCA; Dave Dimond, OCA; Dave Esner, OCA; Matt Fisher, CCA; Rebecca Goldring, CCA; Christine Keys, CCA; Kyle May, OCA; Mike Mull, CCY; Eric Myers, CCY; Dan Ogrizek, OCA; Carl Olszewski, OCA; Dan Randall, MAS; Daniel Ratti, MCA; Barbara Romeo, DAAS; Ken Walker, OCA; Jeff Yadlovsky, OCA; Nicholas Zarzeczny, OCA.

Club Champion: Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, 204 total spawns.

2016 Grand Champion Breeder: Mario Toromanovic, GCCA (spawned 48 different cichlid species).


Until next time, make those water changes!



Go to the convention website for information.2017 Convention



ACA Photo Contest: See the website.


Please send us your cichlid-related news and events and we will be happy to spread the word for you. Allow six weeks lead time. Thank you. [email protected].


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