ACA News, Volume 2, #9

Editor: Alan R.De Angelo
Greetings and Salutations!

The northern tiers of the states are beginning to experience the splash of color that comes each year as Autumn approaches. Golds, reds and orange colors abound as the green of summer subsides. All too soon, the nights will be getting cool and we will be opening our windows and turning off the air conditioning. On those cool nights, we will find solace cuddled up on the sofa with our loved ones, watching the family room display tank while sipping hot chocolate. You see, colder weather is not so bad. It gives us more time to play with and enjoy the fish.

Volume 2, #9, September 2016 

Editor: Alan R. De Angelo

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If you have not yet voted, scroll back through your email lists and find the ACA BOT voting email. (Missing? E-mail [email protected] for a replacement.) Please take the time to choose four of the five candidates running to head-up the next BOT. Candidates serve for two years, so choose those whom you think will be the best for the advancement of our association.



At the convention, I had a chance to talk to Greg Steeves who is well known for his involvement in Lake Victoria cichlids and their preservation. He made a very valid point. We often forget that we, the American Cichlid Association, are not just members of a fish club. We are members of the premiere organization devoted to the advancement of knowledge and preservation of the species of fishes in the family Cichlidae. Big difference! So, when you ponder the topic of hybrid fishes that are fun and different and to me at least, a bit grotesque, ask yourself, do those fishes really belong in your tanks as a concerned, dedicated aquarist. More on this later.



The ACA Photo Contest is going strong. Many thanks again to all of those who contribute and those that manage and judge it. It’s a great new feature of the ACA.



Dear old (like fine whisky ─ Asst) Daryl, our ACA Editor, desperately needs your submissions. If you look through the ACA Photo Contest photos and have experience with the fishes you see, write an article about it. It does not need to be an extensive travelogue like the latest article by Willem Heijns in BB #289. It can be a useful tip, a breeders report or any experience you have in the world of cichlids. We editors can punch it up for you and make it pretty, too. So, sit down and give it a whirl.



The American Cichlid Association in tandem with the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association will be hosting an all-cichlid fish show at this year’s Aquatic Experience. If you are attending, consider entering your fish in the show. Our purpose is to show the public that cichlids cover a wide range of size and temperament. Too many people view all cichlids as big, mean fish. We can dazzle them with the enormous scope of the family Cichlidae.

Why enter your fish in the show? Well, since it is a part of the Aquatic Experience, cash awards are being given for many categories. $500 Best of Show is not too shabby. $100 for Reserve Best of Show. Cash awards are to be given for each Class winner, too. So, grab your best finny charges and enter the show. The deadline for Registration is October 15th. More info is at the ACA FaceBook page or go to Click on Show Features and then Aquatic Competitions. Good Luck!



The Trading Post is back! If you will log on to the ACA website,, go to “Community” and click on the “Trade your cichlids” tab, you are at the new Trading Post area. And … it’s full of cichlids listed to buy.

You can also list your wants if you can’t find a fish in your area. So, take advantage of the new Trading Post, it is there to help you buy and sell the world’s most interesting family of fishes.

That’s all for now. Take care of those finny dependents and make those water changes.

Have a great month!



Go to the convention website for information.2017 Convention



ACA Photo Contest: See the website for entry instructions, current entries and to view past results.


Please send us your cichlid-related news and events and we will be happy to spread the word for you. Allow six weeks lead time. Thank you. [email protected].


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