ACA News, Volume 3, #2

ACA News



Volume 3, #2 February 2017 


Editor: Alan R. De Angelo

[email protected]


Greetings and the usual Salutations!

I hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! The weather in the upper Midwest is getting gorgeous for this time of year. Apparently, we have not had weather this warm in February since 1890. The only problem I see is that if the flowers and plants are fooled into springing up, when the inevitable cold front moves in and slaps us back to reality, some of those plants may die. I plan to spend a little time fishing the pond over the weekend. C’mon Mr. Bass!

There is not too much happening right now that I can talk about with the ACA but what is occurring is pretty big news.



The website is up and fully functional. You can now register for the convention and reserve your room online. Be sure to remember the time zone switch for many of you. You don’t want to be late for any engagements when you arrive. I know from personal experience with last year’s BOT meeting. While I left time for the hour difference from Chicago to Cincinnati, I cut it a bit too close for the unexpected traffic jam that took me 40 minutes to travel 8 miles. So, be sure to leave yourself time.



This year, I am the Chair of the ACA BOT. Instead of explaining things piecemeal, I will send out a State of the ACA letter to everyone in June. There are things occurring that are not yet set in stone so I do not want to talk about it now. It is something for you to look forward to, though.

Now, some people think that my being the BOT Chair might go to my head. I do not know what they are worried about. I’m a very modest person. Really! Maybe this photo will set their minds at ease …

Thanks to Daryl Hutchins for creating this most beautiful work of art. (Jackhammers are really, really heavy! – Minion.)


BB – Now for the REAL news!

Instead of shamelessly begging for articles and photos to grace the pages of Buntbarsche Bulletin, the ACA will now be paying for those submissions. If you are a serious author and would want to know the details, please contact the BB Editor: Daryl Hutchins at: [email protected].

We are paying rates that are comparable to other magazines, so please consider sending your articles and photos to the ACA for publication in BB. Thank you.

🐟 🐟 🐟
That’s all for now. Make sure you get online and register for the convention and make those hotel reservations, too! It’s going to be a great time as always. I attended my first convention in 1978 and thank goodness my brother Bob went with me. I stayed up all night with then BB Editor, Randy Crout, carousing and Bob had to drive us home on Sunday while I slept. Those days are over, for me, at least, because I need my beauty sleep. But, I still thoroughly enjoy the convention and the Hospitality Suite at night.

See you there.



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