ACA News, Volume 5, #3-4

ACA News

Volume 5, #3-4, March/April 2019


Editor: Alan De Angelo

Contact: [email protected]


Greetings and Springtime Salutations!


Can you believe that I have been presenting the ACA NEWS to you for five years now. Wow! Time sure flies.

Speaking of flying, the Western Grebes have arrived on the pond, right after the Goldeneyes left. The Northern Shovelers will soon be arriving and, unfortunately, the cormorants will follow. (Cormorants are terrible fish eaters and can destroy a fish population quickly. They are scorned in many places, especially up north.) But what does this bird talk have to do with the ACA? It means that Spring is here and Summer will soon follow. And, as we all know, with the Summer comes the greatest fish event of the year, the ACA Convention! The New England Cichlid Association (NECA) is our gracious host this year in Cromwell, NJ. If you haven’t yet made your reservations at the hotel or registered for the event … what are you waiting for? The Search for the Holy Grails of Cichlidom awaits you.

NECA has brought in numerous rare and unusual cichlids during the past few years and I am sure that you will find many rare species available for sale or in the auction this year. Be sure to have a few spare tanks ready to receive your new finny friends.

At every convention that I have attended, the goody bags given out have always more than covered the cost of registration so you will definitely get your money’s worth. But, if you are attending for that reason, you are truly missing out. The ACA Convention is not about stuff, it’s about Fish, Friends and Fun. I have made so many friendships throughout the years and the convention is a time to catch up with so many people from across the country, and even across the globe. You can not forget to attend the talks/seminars that are given by the greatest hobbyists on Earth either. Go to the ACA FB page for more information or vist the ACA or NECA website. And check out the banquet dinner menu! Oh man! NY Strip Steak, Jumbo Stuffed Shrimp, Chicken Breast or Eggplant. It all sounds delicious.


It’s that time of the year again. If you are interested in running for the BOT, please submit a short bio to me at [email protected] If you send a bio, I will respond and confirm its receipt. Thanks!


An Aquarists Journey

There are many people in the hobby who are known by their last name, Loiselle, Socolof, Innes, Axelrod, and a few by their monikers like “Kingfish” but I know of only one aquarist who is known by his first name: Rosario. I had the pleasure of purchasing Rosario LaCorte’s book An Aquarist’s Journey and it is a fabulous look into the aquarium hobby as it blossomed after WWII and beyond. I would suggest that everyone buy the book and relish the volume of information and history presented. Rosario LaCorte has done a magnificent job. The book is available at Amazon and don’t forget to use AmazonSmiles and help the ACA.

Amazon Smile

Simply go to, choose the American Cichlid Association as your charity and Amazon will donate 0.5% of each purchase to the ACA!
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As the weather warms and we turn to outdoor endeavors, please, don’t forget the water changes.

Have a great day!

– Alan

ACA-CON 2019


Babes In The Cichlid Hobby are seeking donations for the famous Babes In The Cichlid Hobby Silent Auction. It will be held this year at the ACA Annual Convention in Cromwell, CT, July18-22, 2019.

It is all for a worthy cause! All of the money (100%) will go to the Guy D. Jordan Endowment Fund, Paul V. Loiselle Conservation Fund and Stuart M. Grant Conservation Fund; you pick where you want your donation to go.

Please bring your donations to the convention. If you can’t make it, and you are willing to donate, please send your donations to us at the hotel. Cut-and-paste the address below. And remember if you don’t have anything to donate, you can always bid high on something that catches your eye or make a cash/check contribution. All donations are tax deductible.

Pam Marsh – (Guest Arriving 7/17/19)
Red Lion Hotel Cromwell
100 Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT 06416

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Cichlid Power!

Pam Chin



FaceBook - Members Only

Buntbarsche Bulletin #1-296 is now available on an updatable/re-usable, 32GB USB via BB Back Issues for

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Buntbarsche Bulletin submissions pay!

Authors/photographers please contact the Editor for details: [email protected].

You do not need to be an ACA member to submit material for publication (you are welcome to put part of your payment toward a membership).

ACA does not assume copyright of images, neither are images submitted for publication added to a database without permission. In the event that we desire to re-use an image in other projects, permission would be sought and supplementary payment is guaranteed.
Funds can be redirected to Research or Conservation projects in your name if you prefer.



New Membership Structure:

$35 Annual ACA Membership.

Life Memberships β€” build your membership levels incrementally and move up in rank. All memberships above the basic Life Membership will be published annually in an ACA publication to recognize your contributions to Conservation, Research and Education.

$1000 LIFE Membership β€” all current Life Memberships still honored, no increase in dues. This and all higher-level memberships receive a Life Membership to the ACA.

Higher levels of donation/membership:

$1250 Patron Member;
$1500 Endowment Member;
$1750 Benefactor Member;
$2000 Conservation Member;

$2500 Legacy Member;
Chairman’s Circle (individual donations of $5000+)

You can also include the ACA in your estate plan as several members have already done. Please visit the link below.

General Donations

You can also donate smaller or larger increments, make personal or corporate donations, etc at the link below. It is only by your support that the ACA can maintain its leadership in Cichlid Conservation, Research and Education. Remember, it is tax deductible. Please find out more at the link below:

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Gift Memberships

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To organise an ACA Gift Membership, please:

1) Send payment(s) of $35 per gift membership to the ACA PayPal account at [email protected].

2) Send an email to ACA Treasurer, Tim Hovanec, at [email protected] with a CC to ACA Membership Coordinator, Claudia Dickinson ([email protected]), stating that you have just
sent money for a gift membership/s and the names and e-mail addresses of the recipients.

3) Each ACA Gift Membership recipient will then receive an ACA Gift Member email with a copy to the
gift-giver, followed by e-mail welcome letters from the ACA and CRC.

Gift Memberships


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Send your cichlid-related news/events to the AN Editor at [email protected] and we will be happy to spread the word for you. Allow six weeks lead time. Thank you.


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