ACA News, Volume 8, #7

ACA News

Volume 8, #7 July 2022

Editor: Alan De Angelo

Publisher: Daryl Hutchins
Contact: [email protected]

Start the calliope!

The Greatest Show On Earth is about to begin!

In case you haven’t heard, in just a few short weeks the AQUATIC TRIPLE CROWN is being held in Louisville, KY at the Marriott East Hotel. The ACA and the LTFF (Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers), led by the intrepid Rusty Wessel, have combined conventions and fish shows of the American Cichlid Association, the American Killifish Association and the American Livebearer Association under one roof. The three oldest and largest national specialty aquarium societies together for the first time. What an event! The Triple Crown.


As if that wasn’t enough, NA-ANGFA, the rainbowfish, etc group, will be holding talks and a convention of their own but there will not be a fish show. What a weekend this is shaping up to be.

To find out what the ACA has in store, go to to get the full scoop. If you want to see the ACA’s schedule of events, go to Your Registration will allow you admission to all of the talks of all of the groups and other events like auctions and vendor rooms, etc. The only problem that you will have is how to attend all of the events that you would like to attend. It’s going to be a full weekend to say the least.

Sandy Moore Dick Stratton Daniel Kkonn Vetterlein Michi Tobler Joe Middleton Paul Loiselle Dr Tim Dan Sharifi Ad Konings Juan Miguel Artigas Azas Bryan Landry Spencer Jack

The ACA has put together a large group of speakers including the renowned Dr Paul Loiselle, Ad Konings, Sandy Moore, etc, along with a few new names unfamiliar to me, at least. One of the speakers that I am truly sorry to miss is the myth, the man, the legend … Richard Stratton. Richard, along with Guy Jordan, were the Founders of the ACA. I have read Richard’s works for many, many years as he was the answer man for TFH’s Mail Call feature. While I will miss his talk, maybe someone will have the ability to capture it on video. Richard, your son is attending, isn’t he? Hint, Hint. At least, I will finally get to meet Richard for the first time. I’m looking forward to it.

If you have never seen Chris Biggs’ YouTube videos of his visits to Dan Sharifi’s fish establishment, you have missed out but you will now get a chance to meet and hear Dan in person at the Triple Crown. It’s a no-brainer that I will be attending his talk.

Boubon Tour

Did you sign up for the tours? There are still seats available. Since additional room was added to the Wessel Fish House Tour, a few openings remain. Grab the chance to see a world-class fish house while you still can.

🤣 Although it may have some of you disappointed, there will be no kissing booth at the convention. Daryl got your hopes up for nothing.

USBB LTang video Back Issues

We’ve got stuff available to sell, too. BB Back Issues, the all-new USBB3 Archive (all issues of BB on a thumb drive), Brichard’s Lake Tanganyika video and Swiss Tropicals’ sponge filters to name a few items. Don’t forget to check these out and add them to your collection. Also, don’t forget that it is your last chance to pick up Back Issues and the USBB3 archive at discounted prices … on Sunday (31 July, 2022), they will revert to full price.


The Award Luncheon and Banquet can still be attended, too. Order your tickets today.

BIG NEWS!!! The Greater Chicago Cichlid Association has generously donated a $500 cash prize going to the winner of ACA Best in Show. Special thanks to the GCCA. I believe that they also contributed to sponsoring the Wessel Fish House Tour on both nights.
There will also be room sales, vendor tables, swap tables and sales tanks. Bring a brigade of buckets and a heap of bags to take your fish home in. Don’t forget the auctions. Each organization will be holding its own auctions. Be sure to check all of the schedules. Tell the other club attendees about our Babes Auction, too. It is definitely different and always a lot of fun. Leave the kiddies at home for this one.

Aqueon Tanks

Take a look at the convention home page and check out all of our sponsors. Be sure to extend your thanks to all of them. Gary Bagnall of Zoo Med once again donated loads of product for your convention goody bag. Your $75 Registration Fee gets you over $100 worth of top-quality Zoo Med products. Well worth the price. Aqueon donated all of the tanks for the Kids Contest. What a great way to get kids involved in the hobby. Many thanks to them, too.

Zoo Med

Now, I’m in Illinois and do not have full knowledge of all the donations and sponsorships. I will report on them after the convention where I will hopefully get a full listing. Until then, to all of our sponsors and donors, I extend a heartfelt thank you from all of us at the ACA.

It’s going to be a very busy weekend at the convention. Be sure to check the schedules of all of the organizations and be sure to take in as much of the excitement as you can. Remember, you can always sleep on Monday, at work. LOL!

If you see me in the hallways, be sure to stop me and say Hi! I’ll be roaming the meeting rooms, exhibit halls and the show room from Friday to Sunday. Rest up now because you’ve got fun to have at the Aquatic Triple Crown in Louisville, KY. July 27-31, 2022.

I’ll see you there.



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