ACA News, Volume 8, #8-9

ACA News

Volume 8, #8-9 August-September 2022

Editor: Alan De Angelo

Publisher: Daryl Hutchins
Contact: [email protected]


The carnival is over, my friends. The ACA Triple Crown Convention is now one for the books. The last that I heard, well over 740 attendees had swept into the Marriott East, Louisville, KY for all manner of aquatic revelry. Luncheons, banquets, speakers, fish shows, auctions, vendors, tank and room sales; you name it, the Triple Crown had it.

As a matter of fact, I was so busy catching up with old friends that I did not have a chance to attend any of the talks. What a weekend.

The ACA would like to thank all the vendors, donors, exhibitors, workers of the Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers, ACA, ALA, AKA and NA-ANGFA, etc, who contributed to making the Triple Crown a great success. In fact, the only complaint I heard was that the hotel needed more elevators but even that was not much of a hassle. In fact, a good time was had by all. I cannot wait for next year.

ACA Convention 2023

In case you haven’t heard, the next ACA convention is going to be held in Madison, WI. It will be a joint cichlid-catfish convention and it is shaping up to be a wonderful event. As news arrives about it, Daryl and I will pass the info along to you. Keep watching for it in future issues of the ACA News.

Buntbarsche Bulletin still in print

Once again, Gary Bagnal of Zoo Med is generously volunteering to pay for the printing of another years’ worth of BB. As a collector of the print BBs myself, I am very happy to hear this news. Thank you, Gary.

BOT Election

Your official BOT ballot should have arrived in your Inbox a few weeks ago. Please take the time to vote. Check your spam folder if you don’t think you have received your ballot. It should be there; Daryl runs a pretty tight ship on these types of things. (And a few other “types” of things! – dlh.) Vote for four (4) of the candidates. Contact us at [email protected] if you did not get a ballot.

Geophagus pyrocephalus

Geophagus sp. Red-Head Tapajos named

The very popular Geophagus sp. Red-Head Tapajos has just been officially named Geophagus pyrocephalus. A quick on-line search will get you all the information that you need about the fish.

Articles, articles, articles

BB needs articles, drawings, photos, short stories, personal experiences, fishroom tips or anything even remotely/coincidentally cichlid-related to fill its pages. We even pay for them. Send all entries to [email protected].

Be good to your fishes, and be excellent to one another.
Take care,


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